Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Train 2014

Santa Train 2014 was another great day at WK&S! It's small little railroad, the ride is not too long and the kids have a great time! Frosty was there to greet everyone.
 We had some friends along for the ride this year. Our old neighbors, Liam & Noah, came to join us. And Nana and Papa came along for the ride too!
 These two love the train ride. We don't tell them where we're going until we get to the parking lot, so it's fun to hear them guess where we're headed as we drive to the middle of nowhere.
 Penny is a big fan of Mrs. Claus. This year, Porter was too!
 Their favorite part of the ride is the visit with the Big man himself :)
My favorite part of the ride is seeing all the history the train cars hold. There are old fashioned luggage racks, the seats move so you can face forward or back and the wording on the walls gives insights into days gone by. The gift shop sells all sorts of train memorabilia and the snack shop sells wonderful soft pretzels. It's a fun little ride. We're already looking forward to next year!

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