Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Career Day

It's career day at school today. While Penny decided pretty quickly (I want to be a mom, so I don't really have to dress up at all...well, maybe I'll just be a doctor), we had to think about what Porter would dress up as. We know that he likes big trucks and construction equipment, fire trucks and trains. We know that he's very social. But we have no idea what he will be. I don't want to limit him...I want him to have big dreams. I want him to have goals. I want him to work hard. Right now, there are companies like The Home Depot, Wegmans and more in our area who regularly employ people with Down syndrome, which we gladly support because we are thankful for the opportunities and proud of the success of the workers we see there.  We know of people with Down syndrome who are working in daycares, resturants, bakeries, teaching dance and music classes, fulfilling careers in art and music, acting on TV and so much more. We are hopeful for Porter's future...excited to see where he and Penny go to make a difference in the world!

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