Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Big boy haircut

Summertime...we had hit a hot spell. And, it was about time for a big-boy haircut. I LOVE Mr. P's long hair, but his hair did not love 90 degree weather. Poor kid would get sweaty! 
I wish I would have known how the big boy haircut would go...haircuts have not been a favorite of this boy. He is not a fan of a comb or scissors. 
And, while he cried when we walked into the hair salon, a little Elmo on the iPhone and he was sufficiently distracted. The thing about the big boy haircut- they use very little water and don't need the comb and scissors. Once she started with the trimmer, he was happy as could be. And, by the end, I think we officially had our best haircut to date. It's short, but great for summer. 
I think he looks handsome!

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