Monday, June 15, 2015

Big Happenings for Miss P!

This girl...she's been busy! In a week's time, she had dance recital rehearsal, her Pre-K Graduation and her dance recital. She is our tiny dancer....she loves her ballet and jazz class. She loves watching the older girls in their ballet class when we arrive early. And, she LOVES watching the rehearsal- she gets so excited to see her student teacher up there dancing with the competitive dancers. I love watching the excitement in her eyes! 
She practiced for both her recital and graduation and was ready for both. The graduation ceremony was so sweet! They sang three songs and got their diplomas wearing official looking caps and gowns. I'm imagining her as a high school or college senior- she looks so grown up already and time goes by so quickly- slow down little lady! 
 Her report card was stellar...she's reading Level 1 Reader books with our help on a few of the bigger words and she's doing well with addition and subtraction. She's still working on "resolving peer conflicts independently". She has a bit of trouble understanding that not everyone is going to follow her directions and rules :) Overall, we couldn't be more proud of all she's accomplished in Pre-K. She's built some amazing friendships and has had some amazing experiences.
Last night, she had her big recital. This was her third year, but her first with two dances. She let me take her picture :) She smiled on stage and danced her little heart out. I think she had fun! 
This summer is one of transition and change for her. She'll still have summer camp at daycare, but come fall, she'll leave some of her best friends, as they all head off to different school districts for kindergarten. We're hoping we can keep in touch with her best friends through dance and sports at the Y, but we're confident she'll make new friends too. Add a new baby brother or sister into the mix and she's going to have quite the summer of change. We're hoping that she settles into her new roles and routines pretty quickly and are excited for the learning she'll do as she heads off on new adventures. Keep up the good work Miss P! 

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