Monday, June 15, 2015

Great Expectations

Do I have great expectations or unrealistic expectations? Some days, I get down on myself. There are never enough hours in the day to do all types of therapy, make healthy  meals, do home education activities, spend quality time listening to the kids, clean the house and somehow find time for myself. I get frustrated with myself because Penny can't ride a bike, Porter could be doing "more of X, Y & Z if only I had more time to devote to him and my house is a mess (we've accumulated too much stuff). I've done very little to prepare for this baby that will arrive sometime in the next few weeks (the nursery remains a nursery, so little pickle will have a place to rest his/her head, which is all they really need I suppose). I've got work projects going on and a bucket list of things I'd love to do with the kids if only I had the time.
Everyone keeps asking me if I've started "nesting" this time around. I have my moments, but I think my version of nesting this time around means I've got big plans for these two. We did another day at Sesame recently- the temperature was in the upper 60's, which was perfect for mommy.
The crowds were light and we got to see all three shows and the parade with a nice mix of characters in between. Penny would have liked to ride more rides, but she was a good sport.  
We've also been upping our therapy game...trying to get Mr. P in good walking order. Penny coaches him on the treadmill before she takes her own turn. These days, the kids spend more time walking on the treadmill than mommy :)
We've been enjoying ice pops and playing as much as we can. On days when it's not too hot, we live for bubbles and sidewalk chalk. And, on hot days, we're thankful for our attic play area. We've been loving outdoor picnics and playgrounds and we're so very thankful for helpful family and friends! 
I've got these expectations in my head that are impossible to live up to. But, my kids have smiles on their faces and are surrounded by love. They're having great experiences. They might not be ready for summer swim team this summer, but they're living life on their own timelines, not mine. That's what I need to remember when I'm tearing myself down for the ever growing to-do list or my list of expectations for what they should be doing by now. We'll get there...and in the meantime, I need to learn to stop and enjoy these moments, because they're so incredibly special! 

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