Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sleep baby sleep

He's happy to be back in his crib. I was worried that he wouldn't remember his bed time routine, but he picked right up where we left off last week. Kisses for sister, Snuggle Puppy, the ABC's, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and into the crib he went. He fell fast asleep in his own happy place. I've checked his pulse ox a few times, and he's been great. But now he's wise to my moves and he's hiding his hands from me. While I won't miss the beeping of the monitors, I will miss the comfort they offered that he was doing ok. I'll miss the nurses and respiratory therapists and all the wisdom they had to offer! I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight.
He slept through the 10pm nebulizer treatment. I am hoping that without anyone stoping by to check his blood pressure he will have a good night of sleep. I'm praying he will breathe well and stay healthy all night. I love him through and through...yesterday, today and tomorrow too (borrowed from one of our favorite bedtime stories).

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