Friday, January 24, 2014


TGIF! We had a follow up at the pediatrician today. They were very happy with Porter's progress. Which means Mama needs to stop worrying so much and start sleeping in her own bed :)
On guard! I'm armed and dangerous! You would think so, the way Porter says "NO" and tries to push the nebulizer away :) I'm admitting for all the internet to see- I've been letting him use the Peek-A-Boo apps that we use for speech to get thru nebulizer treatments. Combine this with the fact that Porter watched some Elmo you tube videos on my phone in the hospital, I've got a little dude who is waking up, looking for my phone and shouting "Eh-Mo" (Porter-speak for Elmo). We're going to have to detox from Elmo! 
After school/work, Penny and I went to the grocery store. The lobsters were back, which made her night:) We spent some time watching them. They are fascinating little creatures. When we got home, Porter took care of unpacking the bags for us.
He really is into everything- following us from room to room and teasing us by crawling to places he knows he's not supposed to be in while laughing as he waits for us to move him away. I love seeing his personality continue to develop.
We are really thankful for all the help we've had- Porter is loving extra attention from Papa. 
And Penny is in need of some extra attention from me. These past few months have been rough on her. Enjoying every snuggle right now!
Sweet dreams. Thanks for the prayers! 

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