Sunday, January 19, 2014

Low tone blues

Low tone is keeping us here in the hospital. While Mr. P's strong enough to come off oxygen during the day, he still needs it while sleeping. We're guessing his sleeping baseline may be a little lower than a typical kid, but we don't know. Low muscle tone impacts even the muscles that hold his airways open :(
He is feeling a lot more like himself. When the doctor comes to the door, he says "bye-bye". It's his way of saying- I know what you're here for and I don't like it. He flirts with the nutrition staff because he knows they bring the food. He's got this hospital thing covered!
His nurse put some blankets on the floor so he could move around today, which helped! He's happier when he can crawl and play.
He tried orange sherbet for the first time today. It was love at first bite.
Sleep tight everyone! We will keep watching this little one tonight in hopes he grows stronger!

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