Tuesday, January 21, 2014

At least we didn't have to drive in the snow, I guess?

Tonight, as I rocked my baby to sleep watching the snow fall outside, it was a perfect moment. So what if it happened in a hospital room. His little fingers curl around mine as he drifts off to dreamland. He snuggles better than anyone. The snow outside is beautiful. 
Because Mr. P's pulse ox levels keep dropping when he falls asleep, we didn't have to drive in the snow today. He held strong for the first half hour of nap, before drifting below healthy levels, which is progress.
He had a chest X-ray today, showing mild improvement. In addition to RSV and double lung pneumonia, they say he has reactive airway disease- a fancy way of saying he's had a wheezing type sickness before, so his lungs are more succeptible to issues. 
We've been passing our time learning new signs (airplane, dinosaur and even a good morning song via you tube today). He's been loving the speech apps we use and has been spoiled with some tv time to get thru respiratory therapy. We put the blanket on the floor and try to move as much as possible. He can't leave the room, because no one wants to share his RSV. So we're making the most of the space we have. 
Porter's been having fun exploring the hospital menu. He loves Italian ice almost as much as sherbet!
We miss sister! Thanks aunt Becky & Papa for taking such good care of her!

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