Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sick Bubbs

Yesterday, we ended up in the ER with Mr. P. His doc made the right call to send us- he has pneumonia and tested positive for RSV.
He was not a happy camper- sluggish and breathing hard. Here he is a little happier during his first breathing treatment in the ER. Soon after, he had his IV placed (yay to the nurses who got it right on the first try) and had to wear a "no-no" to keep him from pulling it out. 
He also had a nasal cannula placed for oxygen. He had a rough night. Was not happy with all the wires. But fluids, breathing treatments and extra love from everyone he saw helped. By morning, he was much more like himself!
He played with his new dog, alternating kisses and swats with the "no-no". After lunch, he was happy to see his visitors- Godmother Maureen and Emily.
He wasn't happy they had to wear gowns like the nurses! Soon after they left, he came off daytime oxygen. He had his IV line removed and he got a nice warm bath. He ate well at dinner and did his breathing treatments. He is learning that when someone puts a gown on, it means business and he's being a little dramatic. Luckily, the nurses and doctors are very patient with him and his drama. 
He enjoyed a visit from daddy before heading off to dreamland.

He's back on oxygen for the night because his pulse ox dropped when he fell asleep...his low tone doesn't help any of this. Hoping after another breathing treatment or two he can sleep oxygen free. Sweet dreams! 

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